A quick mountain flight over the Himalayas to start my last day in Nepal. (That’s Everest on the right!)

Build Day 5. Today we came close to finishing the foundation and started to prep the floors. And, the adorable neighborhood kiddos stopped by.

UA 318 ABQ 🛫🛬 DEN UA 143 DEN 🛫🛬 NRT NH 827 NRT 🛫🛬 DEL DEL 🏨Terminal 3 Holiday Inn AI 215 DEL 🛫🛬 KTM

I visited an ABQ camera store looking for a microSD card. They had one in stock. A single 1GB card for sale for $50. Unbelievable.

I probably could have been slightly more creative and cutting, but didn’t think these fucks deserved the energy.

5 years ago, I helped to build this house in Ethiopia. Now, there are less than 48 hours for my campaign raising money for Habitat for Humanity Nepal (link in bio). Any support is greatly appreciated.

I’m making the switch. American Airlines is matching my United status. Good riddance to the friendly skies.

I ordered a bunch of stuff from Studio Neat on December 3. I still haven’t received it, and there’s been absolutely no communication from them about my order status, why the more than 3 month delay.

I own several of their products, but definitely can’t recommend them anymore :(

Logging in to my brokerage site isn’t a “feature.” It’s literally the least the incompetent dumbasses at Schwab could do.

I’m watching Counterpart, since so many people have recommended it recently. S1E2 has really taken me out of the story for the silliest reason: There’s a string ensemble practicing Vivaldi. The soundtrack of the rehearsal includes a harpsichord, but there’s no harpsichord on stage.

I find Chrome’s “hold ⌘-Q to Quit” message the most frustrating thing. I just deleted the app because it’s so user hostile. Back to Safari for me.

Today marks the 70th anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. Article 1 starts “All human beings are born free and equal in dignity and rights.” The other 29 are just as plainly written, and fundamental. Take a moment and read it. 27(1) is my personal favourite.